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WTF Is He Smoking: Have You Checked Out Ram Gopal Varma’s Bizarre Instagram?

Sania Mirza’s underskirt picture wasn’t the first time that RGV has gone nuts on Instagram

Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma recently came in the firing line for his bizarre social media avatar yet again. And why would he not, after posting this picture of former world number one tennis doubles player from India Sania Mirza.

What’s even more bizarre is that he thought he’s using this image to call out ‘regressive minds who use a girl’s sexuality against herself.’ I mean it’s great that you want to empower women through short movies like Meri Beti Sunny Leonne Banna Chahti Hai Mr Varma, but such posts are the exact opposite of the idea.

And don’t let yourself be tricked into believing that it might be a one-off incident. Ramu has been smoking some really weird shit ever since the day he debuted on Instagram, after already being forced out off Twitter for his controversial posts.

For instance, check this out.

And also this…


This is what I call double power and I thank God from the bottom of my soul for creating them

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Is this guy even sure of his stand on women’s rights?

And then there’s this.


I think this kid will become very successful some day

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Well, these days success is determined by how soon you start smoking it seems.

And if that wasn’t enough, this is how he denounced gun violence.

As one of the comments on his page described, some other pictures are absolutely ‘covfefe.’


Is this a Woman in Love or a Ghost biting his Neck?

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But to be fair to him, there are some other posts from the account that do celebrate the woman form, despite the extremely poor quality of images that is. The Rangeela director is also intent on fighting against the increasing menace of censorship in India through projects like Guns and Thighs.

Maybe someone just needs to inform him that his pictures are not relevant to the causes that he’s supporting. Also, if you’re reading this RGV, please tell us where you’re scoring from, so that we can blacklist it.