The Maharashtra government’s latest order puts strict restrictions of fireworks this festive season. The decision was met with mixed reactions, some gladly welcomed it, while some got upset with the decision. But either way, it’s the law, and there is no need to stay upset because we’ve got some other activities you could divert your excitement to.

Light Diyas

So what if you can’t light fireworks? There’s always a subtle joy in lighting diyas with family and friends. Lighting fireworks is about having a sense of connection with everyone around you, and lighting diyas are a more peaceful and environmentally-friendly way of still maintaining that connection.


Get the cards out

What’s Diwali without some good ol’ cards. Roundup the family and close friends, and seat yourself at the table for a competitive, good-spirited game of taash or whatever you prefer. Want to make it more interesting? Try adding some money to it, for a much more fun experience.


Play a Diwali game

If you got done with your cards, and won some bucks, you can move to other types of games. Play the Diwali special Never Have I Ever with kaju katlis or motichoor laddoos. But in case you need to be more traditional, stick to playing the game with alcohol.


Get on the dancefloor

When all is said and done, the only thing left to do is get on the dancefloor, and get the real party started. Worried about the music? We can help you out with that. Listen to our specially-curated Bollywood Diwali playlist, to get your party going.