If you’re tired of working from home and being constantly on your phone or laptop at your respective houses and apartments, the Bermuda islands have an offer for you – a year at the beach.

The Bermuda government is offering a One Year Residency Certificate for people who are interested in working or studying remotely on the island.

The policy will require applicants to be:

  1. over the age of 18;
  2. demonstrate good character and not have a conviction for an indictable offense;
    possess valid health insurance;
  3. demonstrate employment with a legitimate firm or their own company registered and operating overseas, which does not operate in Bermuda, in the case of a remote worker;
  4. provide evidence of enrollment in a Research, Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctorate Program, in the case of a Student;
  5. demonstrate sufficient means and/or continuous source of annual income without the need to engage in gainful employment in Bermuda.

The goal here is to benefit Bermuda economically including include additional economic activity in restaurants, hotels and accommodations, leisure businesses, and government departments. It is a step to strengthen the economy that will benefit Bermudians.

“Remote working has been a growing trend for some time and is something the Bermuda Government has been examining as part of its technology-focused economic diversification strategy. The trend towards remote working has been accelerated by COVID-19,” Bermuda’s minister of labor, Jason Hayward, said in a statement.

The certificate will cost long-term visitors $263. You can head to the government’s website to apply.