The much-awaited monsoon season is here, and we are loving the combination of wind and water. Just like an appetizer, monsoons have this power to make you feel hungrier and make the food taste so much better. While different people prefer different dishes, here are some favorites that almost everybody loves.


Whether it is a kanda bhajiya (onion), aloo bhajiya (potato) or mirchi bhajiya (chillies), rain makes you crave for these hot pockets of happiness. It’s also very easily (and cheaply) available, everywhere in the country.

Aloo paratha with pickle

A favourite in North India, eating Aloo Paratha during rainy season is heaven on earth. Add some pickle (a mango pickle or a mixed pickle) and you’re in for some real pleasure.

Corn on the cob

Another great food that tastes terrific without burning a hole in your pocket. These days, most malls have a flavoured corn store, but we like the old school way eating it straight from the cob (with a little lemon and salt rubbed on it) much better.


It’s an all-time favourite among Indians, but it tastes better during the rainy season. A mix of sweet and green chutney just adds to the delight.

Chhole Bhature

One of the best dishes from Punjabi cuisine, Chhole Bhature is something that makes us moan with pleasure, especially when it’s raining outside. Some chopped onions (with lime) on the side makes this dish even better.