Food is the single source of happiness for many of us. There is nothing our favourite meal cant fix, be it a breakup, bad result or just a bad day at work. Food can change anyone’s mood in an instant. Thanks to all the food bloggers and their Instagram handles, we don’t have to spend a lot of time picking a place to eat anymore. Here is a list of food bloggers you must follow right away if you want to keep up with the best places to eat in your city. 

Adarsh Munjal 

The 29-year-old food blogger goes by the name ‘The Big Bhookad’ on Instagram. He started blogging in 2009 and his page has grown wildly since then. Becoming a food blogger had always been his dream and now that he is living it, he couldn’t be happier. 



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Udit Batra

The Delhi based food blogger has come a long way. He has made blogging his lifestyle and is certainly enjoying it. He likes travelling to unexplored restaurants and trying out street food from different cities. We don’t need to give much of an introduction as his Instagram handle (@bhukkhadbybirth) speaks for itself.



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Sarah Hussain 

Sarah is a lifestyle and food blogger with an eye-catching Instagram account with over 200K followers. Check out her page to know what restaurants to visit in different cities. 

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Priyanjana & Rudra 

The couple who eats together stays together, a saying these two lovebirds adorably live by. Their passion for food and exploring new food joints led them to document their food journey in an informative and fun way. 



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Mehak Dhawan

Her food page on Instagram goes by the name ‘Foodie Since 96’.  Just by the aesthetic of her page, you can tell how much she enjoys eating and trying out different cuisines every now and then. 



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