Tea plantations in Assam have been affected due to excessive rains, and we really hope that the farmers are able to make ends meet. I really enjoy the beverage, and like to grab our opportunities whenever I can try a different variety. I can’t imagine waking up without a cuppa, or getting through the afternoon without a piping hot dose of our favourite beverage. Just like me, the rest of India loves its tea too. And they make it in various ways. If you like to experiment, then here are some options for you.

Masala Chai

Everybody’s favorite tea.

Po Cha

It’s a Tibetan tea, but many people in the India’s Himalayan regions consume it.

Noon Chai

We haven’t tried it, but we think we will soon.

Kashmiri Kahwa

It’s great for your health too.

Irani Chai

Famously sold in Irani cafes, it’s one of the must-try things whenever you visit Hyderabad. Until then, you can replicate this recipe at home.