Veganism is soon becoming a lifestyle change not just for the food, but also for the options that restaurants and cloud kitchens are offering. New menus and additionally creative dishes are becoming a part of almost every restaurant, so as to not alienate the vegan in the group. Then there are also healthy eating cafes, with some of the most interesting food choices on their vegan menus. And now, pizza places are getting on with the program as well. If you’re intrigued to see if vegan dishes flatter your tastebuds, these restaurants and new menus are for you.

1441 Pizzeria’s new vegan menu

1441 Pizzeria-Vegan Pizza

Yup, an interesting array of vegan pizzas. Launched just yesterday, 1441 Pizzeria has launched a vegan pizza menu, with imported authentic vegan cheese along with their new marinara sauce, which brings the depth and balance of flavours mimicking the taste, texture, and feel of the OG Pizza. The idea is to bring dairy free alternatives to the market for their consumers. Also, the cheese on these pizzas is delicious. 

Hundo Pizza

Vegan Margherita

Hundo has a range of vegan pizzas on their menu, but in case you’re looking to do a DIY Pizza Night with your friends given the city’s curfew because of the pandemic, they have an option for your vegan friends to join in, and enjoy. Build Your Own Vegan Pizza With Hundo. How does it work? Start from scratch with a vegan base, and literally build your way up with a bunch of wholesome ingredients, and top it off with some lactose-free cheese. They have also introduced a whole range of drizzles to top off your pizza with, in addition to their range of vegan friendly dips to go well with those crusts. Sounds like a fun weekend plan.

Louis Burger

Vegan Gratitude Burger

I wrote about Zorawar Kalra’s latest offering, Louis Burger, recently, and their burgers genuinely deserve all the attention. The menu of Louis Burger caters to vegans as well, with their plant-based burgers. They have ‘Jack in the Box’, a delicious plant-based burger made with jackfruit, pesto, herbed tomatoes, scamorza, and mozzarella cheese. The patty of this burger bursts with flavours, mind you. They also have a Vegan Gratitude Burger, which is your guilt-free, power-packed indulgence complete with beets, beans, sweet potato, jalapenos, confit tomato, and vegan mayo. Burgers and chill.

Birdsong- The Organic Café

A cute little café that serves some healthy yummies that can be customised if you want vegan fare. From pizzas with vegan base to desserts and even vegan ice creams, it’s a great place to try some nice vegan dishes, as well as smoothies with nut milks. Saturday breakfast spot sorted.

Candy & Green


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Candy & Green’s colourful Instagram feed makes clean eating look even better. This South Mumbai eatery has an ingredient-centric menu with plenty of vegan options, vegan meatballs included. If you’re a French fry person, try their zucchini fries, and if like me, you’re into smoothie bowls, they have some very interesting options, including vegan desserts. Sounds like the perfect weekday light lunch. 

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