Did you know romaine is the new kale? With ‘hipster’ being the number one trend (or fad, if you will) in food and fashion, we take a look at what’s hot on the menu these days – and where to find it.

Smoothie Bowls

This is a trend I personally don’t understand. The whole point of a smoothie is for it to be a healthy meal that you can drink on the go. But maybe, for people who don’t have to hurry, relishing every flavour in your smoothie sounds like a good idea. Why blitz it when you can chomp on it, I suppose.


Think tea is too boring and need something with an fermented and sweetened black or green tea that used to be a health drink, but which has become quite a cool beverage around the world. Originally Chinese, kombucha is mostly home brewed, with a very few companies retailing it.

Where: Zen Tiger Kombucha – available forhome delivery or at iThin

Organic trends

Thankfully, India is obsessed with eating healthy now, andphrases like “farm to table” are quite the thing. Companies are delivering fresh cow milk to your homes directly, and ingredients like matcha (a green tea powder known for its relaxing properties) have made their way into cakes, sushi rolls and lattes (and face washes). You’ll also see moringa and wheatgrass a lot in menus these days.

Where: 212 All Good, Mumbai

Bread subscriptions

White bread is dead, and even brown bread is not cool any more. With the sudden obsession with “whole wheat” and “multigrain”, bread subscriptions are quite hot these days. Fresh bread every day with customised ingredients and seasoning – added brownie point of standing above the mainstream bread-eating clutter?

Where: www.danzfoods.com – delivery available in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune

Nitro coffee

No, it’s not cold coffee, you pleb. Nitro coffee is cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas, which is released through a pressurised valve, creating a creamy, silky effect. Milk or cream is not recommended, and puritans don’t top it with ice either. This is the new way to enjoy and experience coffee.

Where: Blue Tokai, New Delhi and Mumbai; Svami Drinks taps at Doolally, Mumbai (Kemps Corner and Andheri West)

Ice cream

The variety of ice cream flavours available these days is mind boggling. What is especially interesting is the degree of experimentation being done with flavours. Would you like an idiyappam-tamarind chutney sorbet? Or a hummus ice cream with flash frozen pita bread? How about a green banana ice cream or a mango-lemongrass combo? Or some red guava with chilli salt or a pani puri cooler? The options are endless.

Where: Koldplay Kremerie, Icekraft, Apsara, Papa Cream, Where’s My Cone –all in Mumbai

Almond and cashew milk

Vegans have been singing praises of almond and cashew milk for a very long time. While I view veganism like Trump sees common sense, I must agree that both of these ingredients are wonderful (and healthy) alternatives to cow milk, for those who are lactose intolerant.

Where: Vibe Liqueteria, Mumbai

Activated charcoal

I am surprised this ingredient has still stuck around. Honestly, I don’t think anyone is quite sure of its benefits, but way before matcha became cool, activated charcoal was a hot favourite for desserts, juices and, yes, face washes. I personally love the Raw Pressery activated charcoal lemonade. It also makes for a great mixer for Halloween cocktails.

Where: Raw Pressery, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chandigarh

Naked burgers

I wholeheartedly support this trend. I have grown out of the whole burger-fries-milkshake phase, and don’t see the point of chomping down on two fat slices of white bread. If you remove the bread and maybe ask for less cheese, a naked burger immediately becomes quite a healthy meal (that is, of course, if

Where: Social, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai; Three Chicks & A Bear, Mumbai