We love eating, and love to try out new dishes and new cuisines. We also have great respect and admiration for chefs who have made a fortune through their culinary skills. Some of these chefs score high not just in the food department, but also in the looks department making their shows exciting to watch.

Let’s take a look at some chefs who make us go weak in our knees.

Ranveer Brar

Ranveer Brar’s shows like The Great Indian Rasoi and Food Tripping, surely makes our taste buds salivate. We also love the way he talks and looks while preparing dishes, and genuinely seems to be excited about tasting well cooked food.

Sarah Todd

Sarah Todd started out as a contestant in Masterchef Australia, and now has a restaurant in Goa. Other than serving great food, Todd also aces the beauty game and her beautiful face can give a complex to some Indian actresses.

Nigella Lawson

Despite being 57 years, Nigella Lawson still looks droolworthy. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy ourselves watching her whip up some mouthwatering dishes.

David Rocco

David Rocco is not only a great chef, he is a great showman with a superb sense of humour too. Which is why we are crushing on him hard.

Joey Matthew

One of the hottest chefs to grace the Indian television, it’s hard to concentrate on food when Joey Matthew is sizzling the screen up. We’re sure her dishes are just as hot as she is.