Food is something we all can’t live without, but good food is something we live for. On Instagram, there are a lot of food accounts that tell you how to cook everything from starters to desserts. But that’s not what we’re looking at today. We are looking at the chefs who can set the kitchen on fire with their cookery skills as well as their good looks. 

Follow them, and you’ll never suffer from a weak appetite again. 

Franco Noriega

Noriega gained fame as a Naked Peruvian Chef, and believe you me, it’s hard to concentrate on the recipes when he’s cooking. Certainly a man we would like to keep away from our significant others. 

Isaac Carew

A model-turned-chef, Isaac Carew can set the kitchen on fire just like the ramp. “I just loved food. Creating something and seeing someone else appreciate it is amazing. And, if I’m honest, I wasn’t very good at school [the former White Hart Lane comp]. I had dyslexia, which meant having a reading age of four at 11. Cooking was the one thing I could really focus on,” he said in an interview with Evening Standard

Nigella Lawson

We’ve always crushed on Nigella Lawson and her TV shows. Watching her cook makes us want to cook too, which is a good thing. For us and for our near and dear ones who get to relish our delicacies. 

Sarah Todd

Todd found fame after being a contestant on Masterchef Australia, and she is a treat for sore eyes. “For me, it’s all about making the meal an interactive one. I like the idea of a shared, casual platter for a fun night in. So the ultimate date dinner for me would start off with a beautiful cheese and meat platter that has chutneys, crackers and dips,” she said in an interview with us. 

Ranveer Brar 

When it comes to Indian chefs, Ranveer Brar rules the roost in terms of good looks. “Knowing how to cook. It’s the best therapy for the self and a perennial tool to impress and feed your partner, and will also help you when you live alone,” Brar said when we asked him about the one skill every man should have.