Anthony Bourdain was a great chef but what made him truly exceptional was his ability to celebrate different cultures and cuisines without looking at them from a white man’s perspective – he didn’t view these cultures and lands from a colonial gaze but emerged himself into the various traditions.

Now, a Vietnam-based tour company Exotic Voyages has come up with an itinerary called “A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain: Taste of Vietnam,” which aims to help individuals experience Vietnam the way Bourdain did.

“Anthony has been my inspiration for years and I know he has awakened culinary curiosity in millions of people around the world,” Diep Nguyen (the lead tour guide who worked closely with Bourdain during Parts Unknown) said in a statement. “During the time I had a chance to work with Anthony, I have observed how he managed to not only open people’s minds to different cultures and cuisines but also breach language barriers with his eagerness to learn about a new country through his taste buds.”

Delish reports that the tour covers nine cities in Vietnam and lasts 14 days and 13 nights. According to People, the rates begin at $3,755 per person inclusive of food, accommodation and transport.

(Header image: Flickr)