Much like how it is done in Marseille, Chef Alexis Gielbaum’s curated five-course a la carte menu at Slink & Bardot in Mumbai teams seasonal, responsibly sourced seafood with a seafarer’s long-held favourite, pastis. Called ‘For the Love of the Sea!’, the menu champions local producers and fine potions.

Smoked Himalayan Trout Tartare
Black Clam and Green Lip Mussel

The course starts out with the Juniper Cured Mackerel (Green Apple, Horseradish Chantilly, Angostura, Assamese Black Rice Cracker), and Sand Lobster Sous Vide (Vanilla & Citrus Dressing, Ricard Sauce Corail), followed by the Black Clam & Green Lip Mussel (Sauce Marniere au Pastis) and the delicious Smoked Himalayan Trout Tartare (Miso Barbecue, Cape Gooseberry). Finally, there’s the sinful Crème Brûlée a la Pastis, for a perfect ending.

Complementing the food, Nick Harrison has also introduced a special cocktail menu, devoted to pastis cocktails. The drinks on the menu are the La Louche (Ricard, Water), Old Port of Marseille (Ricard, Beefeater, Campari, Sweet Vermouth), Afternoon in Provence (Ricard, Beefeater, Cucumber Juice, Lime, Lavender Bitters), Fleur de Corse (Ricard, Absolut, Pomegranate, Ginger, Jacobs Creek Brut Cuvee), Sazerac a la Française (Martell Vs. Ballantine’s Finest, Peychaud’s Bitters, Ricard Spray) and Ricard (Digestif).

The menu is available for the next two weeks.