HI-RES-BWP9DM-AlamyShow off your Social Skills
There is nothing sexier than a man who is genuinely liked, and a night out for drinks is the perfect test of your social skills. Let those drinks reveal a charming personality and allow your relaxed sense of humour to flow. When she sees that you are coveted company, she will want you even more.

Pay attention to her
Its great that you are a socialite, but, on a night out, make sure you balance the attention you give others with the attention you give your date. If she seeks your company, you must give in with pleasure. Just make sure those drinks make it clear that even though you might socialise with others, being with her is your top priority.

Don’t be Possessive
A possessive man is a huge turn off. You should be confident enough to not feel threatened by the attention your woman gives others. If you want her attention, seek it gently.

Engage in Smart Talk
Good dancing is not good enough. If you really want to charm your date, let the alcohol put you in a philosophical mood. Don’t just talk about all the fun you have when you party. Instead, touch upon subjects that reveal a well-rounded person with an intense curiosity.

Be Clever when you Flirt
Tell her about the details that you like in her, those you wouldn’t talk about when you are sober. An ingenious compliment that shows you notice something specific in the way she looks will always impress her.

Know your Limits
No woman likes a man who cannot hold his alcohol. Show you are responsible and reliable in the way you drink.

Be Chivalrous
Don’t let the drinks that you have make you overstep any boundaries. Be cordial in your advances and make sure your date feels comfortable.

Be Mysterious
Reveal enough of yourself to charm her, but not enough to completely satiate her curiosity. Give her room to want to know more and leave her craving another night of drinks with you.

Be Humble
The cocky man is unbearable when he drinks. In your overzealous effort to impress her, you might actually come off as insecure. So, if you are really proud of what you are, let it show through your actions, and focus on being yourself. Be confident, but don’t mistake that with being presumptuous.