If you’ve watched Parasite, you are well familiar with the a dish that Mrs. Kim prepared hurriedly for the Park family before they arrived. The dish was an instant hit amongst the fans, who tried recreating it in their own ways.
“Ram-Don,” a combination of the words “ramen” with “udon” noodle, which is a term that the film’s translator made up for easier-to-read English subtitles. If you closely listen to actors saying the word, it goes as ” “jjapaguri” or “chapaguri, a popular Korean fast food dish made by combining two instant noodles brands.
Now, South Korean brand Nongshim is going to release packaged version of the hybrid noodles in two flavours. The two flavours ‘Angri-Chapaguri Big Bowl” and “Zapaguri Big Bowl” will hit stores globally. The product  features flakes of carrot, onion, meat, fish cake and premium olive oil to carry the distinct savory flavour. The exact release date remains unclear, so stay tuned.
Meanwhile, take a look at it below.


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