Trailing through Afghanistan, passing through Lahore and touching parts of Kashmir before highlighting the hearty flavours of ‘Dilli’, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand and finally Bengal, the menu at Taftoon this Ramzan, highlights food that is the heart and soul of these regions.

Eating through the menu at Taftoon is really like going through a cultural story, reliving dishes from local home kitchens and farms to highway dhabas and royal dining halls.

The restaurant is celebrating the month of Ramzaan by offering a special Iftaar Thaal (Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian) with dishes, inspired by the faithful along the Grand Trunk Road.

What are the dishes featured? We’re glad you asked: Nadru Palak from Kashmir, Hare Chollya Ki Biryani from Delhi, Dhakai Paratha from Bangladesh, Galauti Kebab from Lucknow, Begun and churi Bhaja from West Bengal and Rista from Kashmir are just a few of the dishes available.

Oh, and we definitely recommend the Kimami Seviyan to remind you of the real taste of Awadhi royal food.