Remember the time internet chose sides as to whether pineapple goes on the pizza or not? Well, that’s the most normal topping that goes on it. Dominoes all over the world has launched different toppings in various regions which are totally weird and we are not sure how to react to it.

Here are some of the uncommon Dominoes pizza toppings that actually exists.

Boba Tapioca (Japan)

Dubbed the “Tapioca Pizza,” it is unclear what sauce is on the pie but each order comes with a packet of maple syrup

Chocolate (U.K)

Chocolate fans in the UK rejoiced when Domino’s Pizza launched the Lotta-Chocca Pizza in June 2017. The 6-inch sweet treat is made with classic pizza dough and melted milk chocolate.

Octopus, Avocados and Honey Ham (Japan)

The quattro cheese pizza is half avocado with octopus and half honeyed-ham with Gouda.

Potato (South Korea)

South Korea’s Potato Multigrain is filled with bacon, onion and mushroom.

Almond Citrus Seafood (Vietnam)

Yes, the combination of seafood and dry fruits on a cheese pizza does exist. This weird combination  is a staple on Domino’s Vietnamese menu