Thank god for beer. It’s what makes us forget our worries after a tough week in the office. It’s what makes us appreciate those old songs from the 90s, and it’s what helps us have the best conversations with our buddies. With tomorrow being the International Beer Day, we got our telephones working and figured out the prices of beers in India.

So without further ado, let’s list and find out the city that offers the best deal for a full bottle.


Budweiser 180

Carlsberg 165

Bira 170

Tuborg 145

Kingfisher 145


Budweiser 140

Carlsberg 140

Bira 170

Tuborg 100

Kingfisher 90


Budweiser 100

Carlsberg 90

Bira 130 (White) & 110 (Blonde)

Tuborg 75

Corona 240

Kinfisher 80


Budweiser 130

Carlsberg 130

Tuborg 90

Kingfisher 90


Budweiser 140

Carlsberg 160

Tuborg 110

Kingfisher 110


Budweiser 55

Carlsberg 65

Bira 70 (White) & 50 (Blonde)

Tuborg 35

Corona 180

Kingfisher 36-40


Budweiser 65

Carlsberg 105

Bira 80

Tuborg 62

Corona 190

Kingfisher 60

Clearly, Panjim is the best city to drink beer in India. Cheers to that!

*Please note that these prices may differ from shops to shops. If you find anything to be wrongly priced, do let us know in the comments below and we’ll fix it.