Fall inspired, vegan, deep-dark-chocolate-rich, or Indian indulgences, the weekend meal usually calls for a great dessert. Whether you’re stepping out, or ordering in, here are some choices that could cover all your bases

Fall desserts at Perch

Chef Prateek Bakhtiani has collaborated with Perch in Mumbai, to do a special dessert menu for October. They have a satin vanilla cupcake, a poached pear and almond tart, and these caramel mocha choux buns to choose from. If you’re a fruit lover, the poached pear tart is a good bet, and for those who like a hint of coffee, the choux buns are light, and delightful.

Chai-Biscuit at O Pedro

Floyd Cardoz is missed, and even more so by his team. To honour the late chef’s birthday month, O Pedro in Mumbai is doing a special tribute menu, and has his favourite twice baked Parle G- Earl Grey Pot de Crème, a Chai Biscuit dessert. A hint of nostalgia and not-your-usual-chocolate-cake-weekend sinful indulgence.

 Updated J’Adore Cake at La FolieThe already pretty J’Adore cake has just been revamped. With layers of lemon streusel, berry compote, strawberry cream cheese ganache mousse, and lemon-vanilla genoise, here’s a typically sweet cake to dig into at your fancy (albeit socially distanced) dinner party.

Japanese Cake at Seefah

Seefah does great food, but for those who aren’t into the creams and frills and would rather enjoy a good, plain one, the Japanese Cake is your go-to. The fluffy yet light and tasty Japanese Cake is just what the doctor ordered for your weekend binge.

Vegan Cookies at Little Treats Patisserie

Little Italy Juhu, in Mumbai, has started a new line of vegan desserts, and these crispy vegan cookies are on the menu. Crumble them on ice cream for a Netflix binge night, or just biting into the chocolate chip ones can be great for your sweet tooth cravings.

Payasam at Kappa Chakka Kandhari

Love me a good payasam. KCK FoodPack, by the award-winning restaurant Kappa Chakka Kandhari in Chennai, is doing a Payaru Payasam, a creamy dessert made with whole green moong cooked in coconut milk, flavoured with cardamom, and topped with coconut bits. All you need is a good nap after.

Baobing at Cantan

Not that Bengaluru isn’t already going to dine in way more than the rest of us, but here’s a dessert you can step out for, because it’s too precious to come home. Cantan is doing some interesting desserts, and the Baobing is one such. Flavoured shaved ice topped with seasonal fresh fruits, fruit jelly, tapioca pearls, and raspberry ice cream topped with condensed milk makes this a Friday night weekend kickstarter over the usuals.

Baba au Rhum at Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît

This French bistro in Mumbai has a bit of a history to this dessert. The Baba au Rhum is a small cake with rum syrup, properly boozy for you. Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît’s version of the dessert comes with a Pistachio Cream & Vanilla Chantilly. Fancy your drink in your dessert?

Russian Honey Cake at Plate & Pint

Plate & Pint in Mumbai is doing new desserts every week, so cash in on this one quickly. Medovik, a Russian honey cake, is a quickly whipped up layered cake with honey and condensed milk. Nothing too fancy, more comfort food like for your Saturday night in.

Sacher Torte And other boozy desserts at Cocoa Cellar

Yes, sometimes the alcohol and the dessert is better together. Cocoa Cellar makes alcohol-infused desserts in Mumbai using good quality, imported liquors such as Amarula, Kirsch, Blood Orange Cointreau, Moët & Chandon Champagne, Baileys, Kahlua, and Malibu Rum. A Sacher Torte soaked in kirsch cherry liqueur, or Amarula & dark chocolate cupcakes for the chocolate lovers, and Champagne & Rose macarons for the high tea folks.