Mr. Vishal KadaikaYou think you know everything about wines? But, maybe, you are still confused which temperature to serve your favourite red in? Vishal Kadakia, wine aficionado and founder of Wine Park, an importer of international wines, has decided to clear all wine-related misunderstandings and myths. He says, “We believe that each bottle of wine has a great story behind it; these stories and your experiences while drinking these wines is what really makes the whole experience fun and enjoyable”, while he departs his knowledge at an event held with 

We ask Vishal some oft-asked queries related to wines. Here’s what he has to say:

– Serve Red Wine at Room Temperature
Absolutely. However, the above line comes with a small disclaimer. You should be drinking wines at the European room temperature (16 – 18 C), which is what a red wine is usually best served at. In India, room temperature goes well past 25 to 30C, making them taste flabby, lacking acidity and flavour. Also, with global warming kicking in, the European room temperature is also rising. Hence, it is preferable to chill the red wine before serving. Good restaurants have dedicated wine fridges which keep red wines at 16 – 18C. At home, you can keep the red wine in the fridge for 30 minutes prior to service.

– Cheese and wine is a classic
Cheese goes well with wine. However, it is not necessary to always pair food with wine. Wine can be enjoyed alone like any other drink.

– Merlot is ordinary, Chardonnay is boring
Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin are two of the most expensive and sought after wines in the world, both made from Merlot. Puligny Montrachet, Meursault and Chablis are some of the most widely consumed white wines across the world – all of them from Chardonnay. I rest my case. It is unfair to call grape varietals boring. However, any wine not made well can be boring to drink.

– Old wines are good wines
Almost 95% of the wines made in the world have to be drunk within 2 years, beyond which, the wines lose their character and taste dull. I always suggest following a golden rule if you are new to wines – drink whites within 2 years of vintage and reds within 3 years of vintage. If you are looking to collect wines and store it for the future, do your research and see if the wine will improve with time or not.