Industries worldwide have been hit due to the coronavirus pandemic which has debilitated an already staggering world economy. However, one industry that has been affected more than most is the airline industry. While Virgin Atlantic has filed for bankruptcy, American and Southwest airlines posted quarterly losses in the billions last month.

In a bid to showcase the safety measures they’ve undertaken and attract customers, Emirates Airlines has announced that it will cover medical expenses up to 150,000 euros ($177,962.25) for passengers diagnosed with COVID-19 during their travel and while they are away from home.

Within their cost breakdown, the airline has mentioned that it will cover funeral costs as well.

“Emirates is proud to lead the way in boosting confidence for international travel. We know people are yearning to fly as borders around the world gradually re-open, but they are seeking flexibility and assurances should something unforeseen happen during their travel,” said H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Emirates Group chairman and chief executive, in a statement.