Life is too short to not travel. Thankfully, 2017 is packed with long weekends that’ll make sure you don’t have to take too many leaves at work to get a taste of Incredible India.

Here’s listing a handful of them.

January 26-29 (Republic Day)


We love the fact that Republic Day is falling on a Thursday, so if you take a leave on Friday, you’ll have four days to travel! A perfect time to plan a trip to Goa.

March 11-13 (Holi)


With the festival of colours falling on a Monday, you have complete license to take some time out and visit Varanasi, to celebrate holi with some lassi laced with bhang as company.

April 29-May 1 (May Day)


You can cool off the summers, by using May Day which falls on a Monday as an excuse to be out of station. Travel to some place like Shimla or Darjeeling for some awesome weather and fresh air.

August 25-August 27 (Ganesh Chaturthi)


Ganesh Chaturthi falls on a Friday, and if you take a leave on either Thursday (August 24) or Monday (August 28), you are left with plenty of time to roam around. If you aren’t already in Mumbai, you should consider coming because there are many places where Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great zeal.

September 30-October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti)


Luckily, Gandhi Jayanti falls on a Monday, so you can plan a trip to Shillong which is renowned for its scenic beauty. It’s also a good place to beat the October heat which can be an irritant in many Indian cities around that time.