As the buzz around the Holi weekend begins, there’s one thought in most people’s minds – “What about the harm it does to you and everything around you?” Fortunately, the good folks at Forest Hills, Tala have got it figured out. Jumping on the ‘woke’ and ‘organic’ trend, the luxury eco mountain resort is holding an Organic Holi Getaway plan.

So, what’s the plan? Well, you get there and drench yourself in eco-friendly colours, sprinklers and the vibrant sunset around you, as the DJ sets the sundowner vibe for you. Oh, and of course, there’s the specially crafted thandai. On the 21st, one gets to relax around a calming bonfire and then retire to the camping tents.

And what about the hangover? They’ve got that figured out too. You get to continue the Holi celebrations with a pool party the next day and an elaborate brunch with the perfect blend of courses. There’s a host of other activities besides that – indulge in archery, rifle shooting, horse riding, and more. As for the music scene, DJ Weather, DJ Amit and DJ Vikrant are the main attractions.