Didn't Even Have To Step Out Of Office To Get Jacket Stitched
Didn’t Even Have To Step Out Of Office To Get Jacket Stitched

Raymond’s Custom Tailoring service offers this option from the comfort of one’s choice of location

I received a call from a Raymond representative one day and they insisted I try their newly-introduced Custom Tailoring service. I agreed, and two weeks later I was a proud owner of a bespoke jacket that fits be like a dream. But more on that later. 


With this service, Raymond is targetting ‘today’s forever-busy man’ who ‘is running against the clock.’ What it’s competing against is online shopping that according to the brand ‘does not guarantee the ‘fit’ or the ‘look.’


So just like grocery shopping and booking cabs, this service is aimed at finding the quick solution…to custom tailoring. 


“To solve these problems and more, Raymond has recently launched their pioneering initiative of Custom Tailoring where men can enjoy the perfect fit with personalisation and impeccable craftsmanship from the comfort of their own home by simply booking an online appointment,” says the fashion house.


So, back to the phone call — and I was handheld through an online process to book my appointment for the service. Within a couple of days, a representative visited me, (most notably) at my office. It was late afternoon, so we went to the empty dining area as he took my measurements within the matter of 15-20 minutes. 


Next, I could select from an array of fabric options, and customised collars and cuffs (you can add a monogram with initials as well). As promised by Team Raymond, the process was non-time consuming and simple, “with the added benefit of a stylist ensuring you find the right fit, colour and pattern that matches your personality.”


Sometime in the next week, I arrived to work with a parcel waiting for me. It was a faux leather bag from Raymond. Inside was my beige jacket that I instantly had to try. The fit was satisfactory, but the entire experience was even better.


I would definitely recommend it to India’s busy working professionals. In fact, even I would happily sign up for it again, provided my bank account agrees.


Prices and more on https://raymondcustomtailoring.com.

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