Hot On Red Carpet
Hot On Red Carpet

Celebrities bring out their wardrobe A-game every year for the Oscar red carpet. Here are the ones we are looking forward to

Bradley Cooper


Cooper has become a regular now as an Oscar nominee, thanks to his outstanding performances in Silver Lining Playbook, American Hustle and now American Sniper.  We expect a dapper-looking Cooper on the red carpet, hopefully with his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse or his mother (like always).


Leonardo DiCaprio


Since he’s not nominated, we know DiCaprio’s not getting an Oscar this year (no idea why the Academy hates him so much), but what we wish to see is his sharply-cut tux and one of his many model girlfriends on the red carpet by his side. Last year he got his mother as his date, which is cute, but Leo, on a serious note, tell us, who’re you dating these days?


Jennifer Lawrence


Will she fall? Won’t she fall? Will her dress fake-rip again? Will she flip off the press? Or make a feminist statement that’ll meme for the whole year? We are looking forward to Hollywood’s darling making another cute goof up at the awards ceremony this year. Admit it, J Law is entertaining.


Emma Stone


Emma Stone, we love you. Nominated for Birdman, Stone always manages to look stunning on the red carpet. And this year, we are rooting for her to bring sexy back (and also win).


Matthew McConaughey


All right, all right, all right…Interstellar might not have received any Oscar buzz, but McConaughey went right into our good books for wearing that Dolce & Gabbana white jacket and bow tie number last year. We are eager to see his inimitable swag back on the red carpet.



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