Power Dressing
Power Dressing

Want to leave a lasting impression at your workplace? Here’s how

Yes, we judge books by their covers – especially at work or at an interview. Heard the cliché “dress to impress”? There’s a reason why it is so heavily overused.


Forget the boxy, baggy, frumpy suits in your wardrobe. Think slimmer cuts, straighter lines and lighter fabrics. But, even if people are conscious of what they wear these days, it’s the ‘how to get it right’ that is tricky. A look that might work on your business partner might not look as sharp on you. That’s because suits come in a wide variety of cuts, shades and textures. You have to choose the ones that work the best for your body type and personality.


Apart from great suits, invest in classic button-down shirts. French cuffs always add a touch of elegance, especially when matched with interesting cufflinks. And other than job interviews, where a white shirt is highly recommended, a touch of colour in your dress shirt is appreciated.


Get yourself silk neck-ties that will complement your shirts. By ‘complement’ we don’t mean ‘match’.  Your ties can contrast your shirts and even prints and stripes will look great too.


Last, but never the least – shoes. You can ruin your whole look with bad shoes. And whatever you select, make certain they are impeccably polished.


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