Style rules to live by
Style rules to live by

Chitrangada Singh talks about hats and clean-shaven men

When you are attending a formal event, like a wedding, make the effort to dress up. Do not turn up looking like you could not care less because you will be insulting the host and the evening. Even something simple like a good suit or a nice jacket would do.


Having said that, once you know what works for you, let yourself go.  It never makes sense to emulate someone else because no two people are the same and their styles will always be different.


You could wear the best suit or shirt, but if your stomach hangs out from it, nothing will seem stylish.


I like clean-shaven men. A good shave makes a man look attractive and he also smells good. I believe a clean-shaven Narendra Modi would look so much better.


A few rules I think every man should live by: Wrinkles and creases ruin any look, no matter how nice your clothes are. Ill-fitting pants that are loose and shapeless make you look extremely sloppy. Well-fitting is great, snug is a bit risky, and tight will always be just plain wrong.


Among India’s most stylish men are Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan. They look good in everything they wear; they carry off clothes well.


I wish Indian men would experiment with hats. I think Aamir looks very good in them, both on and off screen.



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