Akshay Kumar is one of the fittest men out there. Well, in Bollywood at least. The 51-year-old actor (who doesn’t look a day above 35, by the way) is a martial artist and has performed many death-defying stunts for his movies.

This “Indian Jackie Chan” has also delivered multiple commercially successful films but today, we focus on his Instagram. Who needs a fitness trainer when you can just head on to @akshaykumar and get motivated?

“‪Feeling free like you couldn’t believe!! Working my #Core as I cycle No-handed on the deserted roads of Jaisalmer. Life is about Balance & Stability, as Functional as this may be, PLEASE don’t try this on the Roads (sic),” he says on one of his posts.



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Ever heard of neck exercise?


Check this one out:



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Kicking the midweek blues like 👆🏻#FitIndia #FitLife

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Then there’s this:


Core training:


Motivated yet? Read up about the above exercises and take professional advice before trying out any of them. Happy working!

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