It’s the battle between India and South Africa on Sunday. And you need accompaniments to go with all the booze you (and your pals) plan to down during the match.

We give you some great options for game-time munch:

Duh. You can never go wrong with a huge bowl of nachos with some cheese dip and salsa. It’s called a classic for a reason – it’s always delicious.

Taco Burger Sliders
Why choose between zesty tacos and beef burgers, when you can have the best of both worlds wrapped into one mini burger? Taco seasoning adds flavour to the ground beef while salsa stands in for the traditional ketchup. Genius.

Spicy Italian Meatballs
There won’t be any leftovers when you serve these juicy meatballs. Serve them with toothpicks or pile into buns for meatball subs – Joey style.

Sweet Potato Fritters
Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – these fritters are perfect appetizers for the game. Serve with a cold spicy yoghurt dip. The weight watchers will thank you.

Salami chips with Mustard Dip
Not only do the bold flavours of salami chips go well with mustard, but they also are really easy to make. Bake thin slices of salami in the oven till brown, dunk hot mustard sauce into a bowl, crash on your bean bags for the game. Yes. That simple.


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