Five Bizarre Healthy Diet Fads You Should Stay Away From

From ingesting tapeworms to gulping down cotton balls

Diets are sometimes essential to lead a healthy lifestyle or to break off from an unhealthy one. Most of the times, they’re beneficial to you, but nowadays, diets have evolved into much more bizarre concepts. 


Here are five “healthy diet” fads you should definitely stay away from:


The Baby Food Diet


Yup, this actually exists. People on this diet eat like a baby by replacing breakfast and lunch with jars of baby food since they contain fewer calories. 




The Werewolf Diet


No, you don’t try to hunt and eat Robert Pattinson in this one. The Werewolf diet actually seems worse than the Twilight films. Also called the lunar diet, this one includes fasting based on the lunar calendar. This diet makes you fast for a day by surviving only on water or juice during a full or new moon. The extreme version consists of special eating plans for each phase of the moon. 




The Cotton Ball Diet


The name itself should keep you away from a diet like this. In the cotton ball diet, you consume five cotton balls dipped in orange juice or lemonade to trick your stomach into thinking it is full. It goes without saying how dangerous and idiotic the whole thing is. Cotton balls are made using various chemicals and some doctors say that swallowing this could even be fatal as these can clog your intestinal tract. 




The Tapeworm Diet


This is probably the most common form of bizarre dieting. The tapeworm diet involves you deliberately ingesting tapeworm eggs and letting it grow inside your intestines and eventually, making you lose weight. You then head over to the doctor’s clinic and get it out of you through some anti-worm medication. 




The Cabbage Soup Diet


This really needs no explanation, does it? You basically just drink fat-free cabbage soup twice or thrice a day for a whole week along with other low-calorie foods such as bananas. It does help you to lose weight, but at the same time, it can also cause gas and bloating from all the excess cabbage in your system. 

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