A strong core is not just useful for showing off, (of course, flat abs look better than a beer belly) but it helps you in your day to day tasks also — be it running to catch a train, having sex or lifting a heavy suitcase. Also, a lot of people ignore core workouts and focus solely on chest and bicecps. This is wrong since there is nothing called spot growth, just like there is nothing like spot reduction. So if you’re thinking working just your abs will help you get those six-packs, you’re wrong. You need to approach things holistically. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some apps you can download for great abs. 

30 Day Plank Challenge

The best part about this app is that you cannot skip days, or tasks. So you can’t directly find out how many seconds you’ll have to hold the plank for on Day 30. Also, we like it for its simple no frills interface. This is our No. 1 pick because plank is a better exercise to do than ab crunches which might hurt your back a little bit if you don’t do it properly. 

Abs Workout 7 Minutes

Again, if you are pressed for time and looking for a holistic ab workout and not just a challenge, then you should give this app a try. According to app’s Google Play description, “There are 14 exercises included in the workout: Jumping squats, Reverse crunch, Straight-arm plank, Russian twist, Bird dog, Burpees, Long arm crunch, One leg bridge, One leg push up, Plank, Cross arm crunch, Mountain climber, Bridge, Bicycle crunch.”

Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout & Trainer

If you’re looking for something more instructional, then this app is for you. You have two life like trainers, Daniel and Angie, who guide you through the workouts. 

Abs Workout — Tabata, HIIT, Fitness Challenge App

The best part about this app is that gives detailed reports about the progress, and along with challenging activities, it also shows you how many calories you’ve burnt and guides you towards achieving your ideal BMI. 

30 Day Ab Challenge (Teer Studios)

If you’re a sucker for challenges, and need a no-frills app, then this one fits the bill perfectly.