Sex in itself is a great exercise, but if you want to give your partner an experience to remember (not one to endure), you need to make sure that you don’t have that beer belly hanging around. And a good core is not just about appearance, it counts for full body strength as well.

That said, there is nothing called spot reduction so doing all the abs workouts in the world isn’t going to help you achieve your fitness goal. Pay equal attention to all body parts, but if you pay more attention to your abs, it’s okay. Don’t aim for a six-pack, instead aim for some challenge — like being able to hold the plank position for 3 minutes. This will make sure that you have enough endurance and strength to last really long in bed, and be a rockstar when it comes to performance.

Almost all the conventional abs exercises like ab crunches, hanging leg raises and plank are great for your sexual performance and overall health, but since you’re here, we’ve compiled a list of some unconventional core workouts you can do. All of these are taken from a video from FemFusion fitness by Brianne Grogan. So without further ado, let’s take a look at these workouts.

Pelvic rocks

Stirring the pot

Butterfly bridge

Marching bridge

Naughty Cat


Do these exercises for about a month and you’ll see a marked improvement in your sex life. From the conventional missionary position to some crazy sexual gymnastics, you and your partner can achieve a lot with these workouts.