You must have heard of the adage that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. It’s true. Along with some cardio and weight training, you also need to consume lesser calories than you use up. So eating foods which are high in fibre and low in calories helps a lot. But beware, crash dieting (or only eating these food) can spell doom for your body. You will gain all that lost weight back once you resume your normal diet.


It’s no secret that a lot of the fruits are low in calories (banana is an exception) and high in fibre, which helps you digest better. Other than helping you feel full, and reducing your usual meal size, fruits also have a lot of vitamins (like orange has Vitamin C) and antioxidants that keep your skin glowing and also prevent diseases like cancer.

Salads/green leafy vegetables

There’s a reason why parents and teachers and doctors advise green leafy vegetables for almost every problem under the sun. They are rich in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants and low in calories, which means that you have to workout way lesser to burn off what you’ve consumed. Doesn’t that sound great? Yes, they can be a little difficult to swallow because they aren’t that tasty, but if you develop the mindset where you find yourself getting healed everytime you eat these, you’ll benefit.


We’ll say that curd is a must have for everyone trying to lose weight, since they help build immunity and aid in reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels. Since stress is a major reason why some people overeat, including curd in their diet can just do the trick.

Brown rice/brown bread

They have way lesser calories than white rice and white bread. For instance, 100g of white rice has 151 calories. In comparison, 100g of brown rice has just 111 calories (and a lot more fibre which means they’ll make you feel fuller in lesser quantity). That’s 40 calories saved right there. Need we say more?

Egg whites

If you are weight training, you need protein to help repair those muscles. And you shouldn’t ignore weight training, because it helps you burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout. Egg whites are the perfect food since they are low in calories and high in proteins. If you want to know why you should remove the yolk then note that, 100 g of egg yolk has 322 calories. Whereas 100 g of egg white has just 52 calories.