Leg day is dreaded by most bodybuilders mainly because it is painful and you cannot show off your results as conveniently. However, skipping leg day will only result in a disproportionate looking body in addition to increasing your risk of injuries.

Not making the workout intense enough

Since legs are not a body part that can be seen and admired by everyone (as compared to chest or biceps), a lot of people don’t train their legs with the requisite intensity. Just doing a few squats and not working out your calves are pitfalls that you should avoid.

Improper form while doing squats

A lot of people load up their barbells with a lot of weight, and only bend a little while squatting. This will not give you the requisite gains. Instead, make sure that you bend deeper. Your thighs should make a 90 degree angle with your knees.

Not starting your workout with squats

It is best to start with the most difficult exercise first, rather than leave it late for optimum gains. Since squats is the most holistic leg workout, it should not be the last exercise in your routine as you don’t want your muscles to be tired and fatigued by the time you do it.

Sticking to the same routine for a long time

Just like you can’t stay in the same class for years, you can’t keep repeating the same workout routine for long. That’s because your body adapts to the workout, and your muscles stop growing. Instead, shock your legs by adding new exercises and increasing the weight.

Using extremely light weights

While some people are guilty of going too heavy while squatting, some people use extremely light weights. This is because leg workouts are painful and they just want to get done with it. This is not the right way, since your legs should be extremely strong for you to experience all the benefits of a fit physique.