Ladies and gents, we’ve all had a tough week and nothing beats the blues like some solid eye-candy. The monsoons have hit us hard, the daily news is depressing as hell and there’s literally nothing interesting in the theatres at the moment. Hence, because we care about you and want you to have a good weekend, we’ve catalogued some of the hottest hunks on Instagram right now. Feast on the ridges and curves, ya’ll.

Prateek Jain

Not only is this dude hot as hell, he’s also got a dirty sense of humour.

Deepak Chaudhary


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So who’s sliding into his DMs this evening?

Himanshu Malik


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Fitness motivation or what, amirite?!

Shiv Darshan

Is it a man? Is it a God? Guess we’ll never know.

Shivy Singh

The thirst is real, ya’ll. Follow him here.

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