We’ve all heard about the keto diet – the high fat, low carb diet that has found massive favour in the fitness community. There are claims that it also helps people lose tons of weight, especially because it seeks to eliminate one of the most harmful ingredients in our food – sugar. And after all, everybody wants to lose weight.

In an article for MW, Shweta Mehta Sen breaks down what the Keto diet actually does. 

“Everybody has two sources of energy – one from glucose (carbohydrates break down into glucose on digestion) and the other from ketones (essentially by-products of fat breakdown). Since glucose is easily available and is a quick source of energy, the body doesn’t feel the need to use ketones. In the absence of sufficient glycogen (the stored form of glucose), the body starts breaking down body fats to give you energy. Therefore, the restriction of carbohydrates is important to deplete the glycogen stores in one’s body and for it to switch to ketones for energy. To put it simply, ketosis is a metabolic state reached when your body runs out of excess glycogen stores and then starts using fat for fuel,” she writes.

Not everybody is the same and while the Keto diet can be extremely beneficial for certain people, it can also cause massive discomfort and severe health issues to others. “I enjoy [the] emphasis on protein because there’s no question that lean meat, eggs, and fish are superfoods…but exclusion diets never work,” said Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Michael Gannon to The Telegraph.

If you feel that the Keto diet is for you – here’s what you ought to love and what you need to avoid. Here are the top picks that help you lose weight on a high-fat diet.

Top picks

Whole eggs
Coconut oil
Avocados Nuts – pecan, Brazilian, macadamia, hazelnuts, almonds
Green leafy vegetables

Give these up


The basics of any diet are, of course, discipline and this diet is no different. With the easy guide mentioned above, we wish you the best on your keto journey and may you lose weight like you hope to.