The iconic Madonna Louise Ciccone turned 60 today and still leaves 20-year-olds in the dust. The Queen of Pop is a living legend who also seems to have discovered the secret to everlasting youth.


According to media reports, Jennifer Lopez turned 49 recently but we are pretty sure that’s just fake news. For starters, this is what the ‘Waiting For Tonight’ singer posted on her Instagram handle a few days ago:


Does she look 49 to you? We are of the opinion that JLo has discovered the map to the fountain of youth and stopped ageing a decade ago. She’s not alone in this, however – here’s a list of women who’ve given Father Time the slip.

Apparently, Monica Bellucci is 53 years old. Lies, plain lies.



Gooooood (-morning / -afternoon / -evening / -night)! 🍀

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Then, of course, there’s our very own Rekha who turns 64 this year but sis stopped ageing way back in 1985.



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And this is what Miz Jane Fonda looks at 80. We can only hope to look as good when we hit her age.



Here’s me on the red carpet of LA Museum of Modern Art gala

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And of course, Angelina Jolie‘s cheekbones could still slay your life.



What makes you laugh?❤

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Shobhaa De‘s jokes and her wit are still as fresh as they were when she was the editor of Stardust.



You really don’t want to know what I am eating!!!

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Spill the beans on your skincare regimen, ladies!