Lucas Ordóñez

The Spanish GT driver on his training regimen despite a frenetic travel schedule

Lucas-Ordonez-02Training regimen
During the week I do combinations of cycling (80 km/day, three to four times a week), strength exercises, TRX (body suspension training), core training, yoga, stretching and karting. I enjoy cycling with my friends and other racing drivers back home in Madrid. I also really enjoy karting; it is very useful as it makes you work hard on your concentration, fitness and equilibrium. When I’m at home, I will train 5-6 days a week. I love doing cardio. I am a typical Spaniard and love to train outside in the sun.

Working out on the road
I travel through the year. Sometimes, I have to visit four different continents in the same month. So, it can be tough to fit all my training in. I carry my TRX equipment with me so I can work out in my hotel room. I always have my running kit with me, and the team carries a bike for me so that I can go cycling on weekends.

Focus on core strength 
I have some great professional trainers working with me, and they all tell me I have to work hard on core training. It is very important for a racing driver as the back and abs aresubjected to high G-forces. The abs and core exercises I do are pretty intense and tough.

Eating right
I don’t have a specific diet, but I do eat healthy. I am quite the foodie, but I know what I shouldn’t eat, so I try to avoid those things. If you train well and keep hydrated, what you eat should not be a problem. I love my mum’s food, especially her tortilla espanola (Spanish omelette), and I also love my dad’s paella. He cooks it for us every Sunday.

Early in life I learned that one can succeed only if one follows his dreams. I am where I am today because of that mantra. I’ve been fighting all my life to become a racing driver, and that’s what keeps me motivated to stay fit. What keeps me going through a tough day of training is knowing I am doing it for my racing career. Winning is everything for me. That is what pushes me to work hard and make sacrifices.

Off the road 
I visit my physiotherapist before and after every race. It is very important to have your body in perfect condition. It is the same as having your racing car checked before the race by the mechanics. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family and friends, just hanging out with them, preferably in the countryside or in the mountains. I love the sea and also skiing.