My Body And I

Gautam Gulati, who recently won the eighth season of Bigg Boss, on letting go of his trainer, lazy days and eight-meal diets

DSC_2921Multiple forms of exercise
I exercise throughout the week for about 1.5 to two hours whether or not I’m shooting. However, on days when I’m not shooting, I team the workout with swimming. I swim for about 45 minutes to an hour. I make it a point to swim at least three times a week. When I travel, I carry dumb-bells and go for a 45-minute run. I also enjoy playing football and cricket when I can.

Functional workouts
I enjoy functional workouts such as push-ups, jumping squats and chin-ups.

No need for trainers
I work out all seven days. Initially I had a trainer. However, I understand my body so I like to work out on my own.

Different sets
When I’m pressed for time, I stick to functional workouts. The workout set usually comprises chest and abs, and shoulders and legs, on alternate days.

Difficult areas
Chest and abs are difficult to maintain and it is challenging. If you overdo the chest, you end up looking weird. There has to be a fine balance. When you see the results, it makes you happy. It is a workout I enjoy the most.

Lazy days
I get lazy on days when I have to work on my legs. Having said that — one’s got to do what one’s got to do.

Protein intake
I have proteins, muesli or cornflakes with fruits and egg white omelette for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, it’s usually chicken, roti and dal. I’m not very finicky. There was a time I was on a salad-chicken eight-meal diet. I will soon get back to that routine, but at the moment it has been erratic.

Weakness for Lebanese
I relish chicken shawarma and Lebanese cuisine.

When injury strikes
I totally avoid working out during an injury.

Relaxation techniques
For a toned and fit body, one must relax and de-stress — it is of utmost importance.

Cycling long distances
To unwind I cycle in the by-lanes of Bandra, although it is quite a distance from where I live.

When it’s worth it
Most certainly, when you get started with your workout, it is tough. But when you begin getting fit and look good, it will bring a smile to your face.