In a shocking development, New York City itself has over 100,000 cases of the novel coronavirus – more than the number of confirmed cases in China and the United Kingdom. As of April 12, official data from the New York City government puts the total number of coronavirus infections in the city at over 104,410 with 27, 676 of them being hospitalised. The death toll alone is 6,898.

According to estimates by Johns Hopkins University, there are 85,208 coronavirus cases in the UK and 83,135 in China.

“And we have never, ever underestimated this enemy we’re fighting. Coronavirus is ferocious and has presented us with challenges that we have never ever seen before. And that certainly our nation has not seen anything like in a century,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters on Sunday.

As far as India is concerned, Tamil Nadu became the seventh state in India to extend the lockdown period till the 30th of April

According to media reports, India’s total COVID-19 cases touched 9,152 today with the death toll hitting 308. Maharashtra still tops the list of states with the maximum number of cases – Dharavi alone has reported four new cases today.