Well, here we are. All cooped up in our homes, trying to stay away from other human beings. In these times, it’s important to remember a few tips while you spend your time at home and are putting in work.

1.) Don’t Get Distracted

You’re in the comforts of your own home and that means it’s a comfortable environment. You need to bring your office professionalism to your living room as well. Your PS4 might tempt you, or one episode of your favourite Netflix show might feel like nothing, but you can’t give in.

2.) Pace Yourself

When you work from home, time can seem to pass a lot more faster than it might in your office. So, it’s cardinal that you time yourself and make sure you don’t wile away your time.

3.) Seclude Yourself

If you live in a house with a big family, make sure to isolate yourself from everyone at home. Of course, not the whole day, but for the time you want to get proper work done, it would be advised that you do this.

4.) Watch What You Eat

While we all try to take home-cooked meals for lunch, working from home might put us in an extra celebratory mood and force us to enjoy some good ol’ takeout food. If not takeout, you might be in the mood for some cheesy garlic bread. And that’s alright, but not too much of it. We might have to be working in these conditions for a long time, so let’s not make a habit of eating junk food, shall we?

5.) Enjoy The Little Things

Working from home can be a beautiful experience, so learn to embrace the luxuries it offers you. Play some relaxing music while you work, let your dog snuggle up with you, and if you can afford it, then fit in quick, power nap.