The festival of lights is upon us, after having a year full of not-so-great news and several ups and downs. Hence, it’s only right to celebrate this year with extra fanfare, all while being safe and responsible, of course. Yes, masks, sanitization and other safety protocols should still undoubtedly be followed, and we trust everyone will. But this year, let’s also commit to having a more eco-friendly Diwali, shall we?

People may falsely assume it’s a lot of work to have an eco-friendly Diwali, or even expensive. But that isn’t true. There are little ways you can help that can have huge impacts. Take a look at the three ec-friendly tips we suggest you incorporate this festive season.


1.) Organic rangoli colours

What’s Diwali without some vibrant and intricate rangolis? But as bright the colours are, they can be extremely unhealthy. Chemically-manufactured rangoli colours are terrible for the environment, and is also harmful to the human body if inhaled.

Instead, there is quite a simple alternative. Just head to your local market and ask for organic colours, or be safer and order them online. Organic colours are made from flowers, and do not harm you or the environment.



2.) Reduce the use of plastics

Plastic is a material that has creeped its way into our lives, so completely avoiding plastic is close to impossible, but what you can do is minimise your use of it. If you go shopping, then either take your own cloth or paper bags with you, instead of the usual plastic ones. At home, replace your plastic cutlery with wooden ones in case you order food.


3.) Take it easy on the fireworks

No points for guessing, this point obviously had to be mentioned. We get it, fireworks are an integral part of the whole Diwali mood, but its environmental impacts can’t be forgotten or pushed aside. We can’t tell you to not use any form of firework, but the least you could do is reduce the amount you usually use.


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