5 Features Instagram Should Add Immediately
5 Features Instagram Should Add Immediately

Instagram, we love you, but you are the most high-maintenance app on our phones



If you are a daily instagrammer, you are as frustrated with the app as we are. Instagram feels like this really pricey girlfriend who needs a lot of pampering to look good. Come on Insta, baby, it’s time you upgraded yourself.


Landscape and portrait sizes


No one uses square photographs. No one. Why do we have to download a bevy of other apps to maintain our photographs’ dimensions? The same goes for videos. I know when you started off, you were oh-so-swanky, but honey, it’s time you surprised us to keep the fire burnin’.


Managing multiple accounts


I know you don’t like it when we compare you to Twitter, but you have to take a leaf from her book on this one. Why do I have to log in and log out to manage separate accounts? Why are you so gung-ho about making my life so tedious? Babe, you have to be flexible. I should be able to get in and get out in a snap. I am still talking about multiple accounts, you naughty girl.


Re-post is a necessity


Yes, we like stuff other people post. Sometimes, it’s about us. Sometimes we want to re-post it. No, I don’t want to get another app to be able to do that. You should be able to help me out with re-posting photos all by yourself. You’re a big girl, Insta, why don’t you just give it a shot?


Tracking and trending


You know how we like to know what’s hot, right? When someone has tagged me, it shows up under my newsfeed for one day only. Now what’s that about? In the clutter, I lose out on mentions and tags, and hey, if I don’t get to see them within a day, I don’t get to see them at all. Now that’s unfair. Also, how about having a section on trending hashtags and accounts? I ain’t asking for too much, now am I?


Grammar nazi


I am just going to come out and say it – you don’t give a damn if I type incorrect English. And that bothers me. You don’t even try to autocorrect mistakes. That is just being lazy.



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