5 ways to make this monsoon more delicious

Here are some ways to give the usual pakodas and fries an easy spin

For Indians, onion pakodas are a monsoon staple with piping hot tea. How about teaming them up with date and tamarind chutney for a sweet-sour spin?


Fries made with zucchini are a healthier option than potatoes. As condiments, grab some of the peanut and garlic chutney you serve with vada pavs and some aioli. You’ll be surprised by the results. Trust us, we were.


If you’re bored of having pav with a steaming bowl of kheema, serve it with garlic crisps or pita instead. This is how you turn a main course into an appetizer. Also, a pitcher of sangria to boot, maybe?


Chilli pakodas are another monsoon staple. But, instead of batter frying them, use various combinations to make a stuffing. We recommend Goan chorizo and prawns with a tangy salsa. You are pulling a “say whaaaa” right now, aren’t you?



Those who find omelette pav a tad dry can add some gravy to it. Why not a Goan staple like Chicken Xacuti? No one will complain.




*These dishes are available at all outlets of Hoppipola Mumbai as part of their monsoon menu till the end of August 2016

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