Inside The Grey Goose Bartender Bootcamp
Inside The Grey Goose Bartender Bootcamp

Grey Goose puts a team of bartenders through a bootcamp and makeover, to ensure that your drink is served in style.


Naren Young


Right from its establishment in 1996, Grey Goose has aimed to create not just a brand, but a lifestyle. As the world’s first super premium vodka, they’ve decided to go beyond just serving up an excellent drink, and instead create a super premium experience to go with it. And to fix you that experience, they’ve gone straight to the source of your drink — the bartender.


A bartender measuring out Grey Goose



The Fly Beyond Slogan


At the Grey Goose House of Change, a five-day bootcamp at Roseate House, a team of carefully selected bartenders was inducted into the Fly Beyond lifestyle. With modules on grooming, dressing, styling, communication, personality and etiquette, social media, flair behind the bar and more, each bartender was given a complete makeover. In the able hands of a panel of experts, including designer Siddhartha Tytler, grooming expert Gautam Kalra, image consultant Vibhinta Verma (who took up the role of etiquette trainer) and the team of Worship Salon, they went from being just another bartender to Fly Beyond bartenders. With an eye on current trends, they were also given special sessions on photography and social media, to help them showcase their talent online.



Grey Goose Vodka


With every area of their style and personality overhauled, Grey Goose finally turned their focus onto the most important area — their skills behind the bar. Naren Young of Dante, New York, an internationally acclaimed mixologist, led them through the moves. In between his training sessions at the bar, he even managed to find time for a few guest shifts at PCO, Delhi and KOKO Mumbai.


Siddhartha Tyler in a fitting Session


At the end of the comprehensive camp, the mixologists were ready in their Grey Goose blue to hit the bar and get mixing. So the next time you ask for a Grey Goose martini, you know you’re getting a lot more than a drink — you’re getting a sip of the good life.


A mixologist at work


A stirrer maker in action

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