Why more men should bake
Why more men should bake

Asia’s best pastry chef Janice Wong shares some quick words of advice

Voted as Asia’s best pastry chef earlier this year, Singapore-based Janice Wong was in the city recently. She conducted a workshop to launch Wisk by Cakesmiths, a swanky new baking studio by Vrinda Jatia in Kala Ghoda.


When we caught up with her at the event, Janice said she hopes more men take up baking. “If you see, all the top pastry chefs in the world are men. They’re good at it because it requires great stamina. Plus, it’s time-consuming, and women tend to need more time off for family commitments than men,” she explained.


Wong also feels that men are very meticulous when they cook, and they have a lotof mental energy, which helps them stay on their feet for long periods of time.


Ask the chef about Indian desserts and she says she loves the usage of herbs and spices, and even flavours like rose that stand out. She even plans to use inspiration from this trip to create some new desserts. “You have ot be inspired to keep learning every single day, and to keep your eyes open to see everything happening around you,” she says, offering a word of advice for budding chefs.


Janice’s tips for amateur bakers:



  •  Perfect your basics.

  • Start with something easy, like a mousse cake, and then use your imagination to create your own recipes.

  • Perseverance and determination are very important.

  • Have a comfortable, well-equipped kitchen with good quality basic tools.

  • Ensure your pantry is well stocked, and ingredients are neatly labelled.

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