"We like men who dance well"
“We like men who dance well”

Priyanka Chopra tells us how to impress a woman

– A sense of humour is worth its weight in gold. No woman I know likes to spend a lifetime, or even an evening, with a man who’s dour or self obsessed.


– An ideal guy is the one who can survive a girl who loves to talk, and knows how to handle her moods.


– We are innately more self-conscious, and we do tend to check ourselves out in the mirror often. But that’s not a problem in our eyes.


– When a woman says no, she means no. The Indian urban woman isn’t coy, and she will tell you if she wants to be with you.


– We like men who dance well. We seriously do. Some rhythm, a genuine love for the art, and the fun you have on the dance floor, makes all the difference to the way we look at you.


– As we get older, we lose patience with this ‘hard to get’ approach. Keep us hanging, or take days to call back, and we will lose interest.


– Don’t kiss and tell. And don’t abuse your ex. It will only make you come across as insensitive.


– Please ask for directions the next time you are lost. It won’t make you look incompetent. We will like the fact that we aren’t going around in circles.




Photograph By Harsh Man Rai 

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