Yo Yo Honey Singh songs are being used to scare away wild boar
Yo Yo Honey Singh songs are being used to scare away wild boar

Villagers in Uttarakhand have hit upon a unique solution for their wild animal problem

When you’re at your wits end about how to deal with wild animals on your farmland, the most offbeat ideas are often the ones that work best. According to a story in The Times of India, villagers in Uttarakhand were being unable to effectively deal with foraging wild boar – exterminating them was turning out to be a difficult and time-consuming process. Upon learning that wild animals tend to stay away from areas they associate with human habitation, the farmers decided to play songs over loudspeaker systems in their fields – and among these were Yo Yo Honey Singh tracks, as well as bhajans.



We’re not sure what the flamboyant Punjabi rap star will have to say about the deterrent qualities of his music, but it’s probably safe to assume that Singh, one of our men of the year of 2014, will be amused. Possibly an angry rap number on wild boar will be next?
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