The modern contact lenses as we know them today come from a long history, some 500 years long. It was none other than Leonardo da Vinci who illustrated the concept of contact lenses in 1508.

It wasn’t until the 1880s, however, that the first one was made — out of glass, no less, — to fit the entire eye. Then came the era of plastic before silicon, governments began to approve of the technology that helped people see better, made them feel safer, less dependent. But soon the contact lens became about more than just vision; it was fashion.

Contact lenses allow one to enjoy fashion, unhampered. Contact lenses are now available in many, many varieties, customisations and colours, ensuring there is a right fit for everyone.

Not only does one not have to ensure that their glasses complement what they are wearing (and sometimes they just don’t), contact lenses also open up the avenue for makeup, making it much more visible and appear cleaner. But that is not all one wears contact lenses for.

Madonna would often pick a shade of blue or green for her eyes before a show, making the change of eye colour a fashion sensation. Soon after, it was common to wear non-prescription contact lenses.

Understanding just how valuable these little vision correctors are, Google has honoured Otto Wichterle, the chemist behind the creation of the modern soft contact lens with a doodle.


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Today, celebs like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston Robert Pattinson, amongst others, are known to heavily rely on lenses to correct their visions. It is also used as the powerful tool that it is to lend a more realistic look to characters in certain movies.

The contact lens started as practicality, has now entered a realm of creativity. The focus, along with perfecting the vision, also seems to be shifting to making them appear realistic.

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