After foraying into everything from soaps to Maggi, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has come up with their own restaurant called Postik. Well, the rate at which they are growing, they may come up with a lot more and one day we will live in a world where everything is owned by Patanjali.

For now, we would like to see them expand into these businesses.

Mobile phones

A radiation-less ‘Divya’ phone is what we find exciting. It can also remind you about when you should pop those immunity building pills. 


Too much pollution makes us crave for a car, that gives out healing gases. Also, since petrol is becoming expensive, Patanjali can come out with a cheaper alternative. 


Every cloth will come with nano-injections that will keep putting cool stuff like Amla into your bloodstream. They’ll all be Indian clothes though. No shirts, no blazers. 

Herbal cigarettes

This can be the golden thing that solves so many problems like lung cancer. 

Sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins can be unhealthy, and it’ll be great if Patanjali comes out with a version that works like a charm for the ladies.