Instagram is a black hole. Admit it: once the app expands on your iPhone, you’re hooked on to it for hours, after which you’ll finally look up and ask “What year is it?” But while you’re at the double tapping business, it’s also pretty cool to see cool people doing cool things with their cool lives, unlike yourself. One of these breeds of awesome folks are celebrity dads. And there’s a whole list of them to prove just how baller they are, perhaps even more than their own star kids.



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Happy Birthday to my Brother @snoopdogg may you have the best one ever

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Drake – Dennis Graham

Champagne papi is about that good life and commenting heart and eyes emojis on Nicki minaj and Rihanna’s Instagram pages. But his musician father Dennis Graham is much more than that. He’s the kind of a friend’s father who you’d like to hang out with more than your friend. Talk about a great glitter suit with him and you’ll be invited over for a whisky in a damn bedazzled chalice.



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It takes some serious thinking to figure out weekend plans! #Mubarakan it’s #Friday!!

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Anil Kapoor

How can you beat a man who’s slowly inching towards an Instagram follower count close to his kids’? Anil Kapoor is a family man on the regular. But on the down low, he’s a straight up style mafia. he maybe embracing his grey roots for a movie role but grey’s definitely the new black. Additionally, he’s even a cool uncle to Arjun Kapoor.

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David Beckham

Beckham is the kind of a man who will make you feel supremely inferior because he’s literally got everything figured out in his life. Good looking, talented, beautiful family, and a hilarious troll to his son Brooklyn on Instagram. Remember when dad Beckham hijacked son Beckham’s Instagram video where the latter was thanking his one million followers vs the former already having a count of 52 million? David also embarrassed Brooklyn in a live Instagram video by commenting “You should be at school”.

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Yo baby .. !!

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Amitabh Bachchan

The designated Angry Young Man of Bollywood is now actually a pretty cool and very stylish man. He posts about his style, throwbacks every day to his time as a young actor, pictures of “his wife when she wasn’t his wife” and so many more gems. At the same time, he’s also hilarious with captions. See for yourself.

DJ Khaled

TBH both, DJ Khaled and his Son Asahd are equally cool. Despite not speaking fully form sentences yet, “mogul” Asahd makes his father look cool. If you need an update on the latest Air Jordans or Nikes are Ciroc booze, DJ Khaled’s your man.

Suniel Shetty

Apart from probably being the fittest dad on Instagram, he’s good with his posts. Especially when’s mocking his star daughter Athiya about her eating habits. It’s every millennial, Suniel. We agree.